Wisdom From the Century Mark

Wisdom From the Century Mark

Want the secrets of aging well? Seniors over 90 offer insight into their vitality and longevity. (U.S. News and World Report)

What keeps some people physically and mentally sharp even as they near or even reach the century mark? Good genes and good luck obviously have something to do with it, according to Lynn Adler, an expert on healthy aging. But positive and realistic attitudes of what they can do help also.

This touching audio slideshow by U.S. News and World Report is a series of photographs and interviews with 7 people over the age of 90, all of whom demonstrate a gusto for living.

It’s impossible to reach age 90 or 100 without facing adversity, but each of these subjects seems to have found ways to find joy in life, regardless.

As they reflect upon their lives and longevity, each person describes something – a hobby, friendships, love – that keeps them going. The synchronized photographs, interviews and natural sound flow together fluidly and are accentuated with excerpts of the poem “The New Face of Old Age,” read by the author Carol A. Armstrong.

Written profiles of each subject accompany the audio slideshow.

CHANNEL: U.S. News and World Report

Length: 7:23

Photography & Audio: Charlie Archambault
Photo Editing: Alexa Keefe
Production: Brett Ziegler
Multimedia Editing & Production: Avi Gupta