Warming the Homeless

Warming the Homeless

When temperatures dip below 15 degrees, emergency shelters open their doors to the freezing homeless in Spokane, WA. (Spokesman-Review)

The homeless in Spokane, WA, seek shelter under bridges or sometimes inside of a cardboard box, but when winter weather dips dangerously low, many spend the night in one of the city’s three warming shelters.

This Spokesman-Review video the goes inside Charity House, a warming shelter for adult men who have nowhere else to go to get out of the cold. It includes interviews with men who use the shelter and those who serve them. One man describes his fingers curling up frozen while sleeping outside, and another says sometimes he gets so numb from the cold that he thinks maybe he won’t ever wake up again.

The video won second place in the National Press Photographers Association 2009 Best of Photojournalism awards in the News Video category.

CHANNEL: Spokesman-Review

Length: 2:23

Video and Production by Colin Mulvany