Wait For Me

Wait For Me

A mother holds vigil for her son who went missing in India more than two decades ago. (Cinelan)

In 1984, John Ewing Dreyfous departed on a soulful quest by bicycle across southern Europe eastwards, into India. He was 24.

“He’s been gone 22 years now,” says his mother who holds onto an unwavering belief that he may still be alive.

This short video presented by Cinelan mixes old photographs and home movies of Dreyfous growing up, with the words of his devoted mother.

The title “Wait for Me” comes from a letter she once saw in the newspaper from a Russian soldier asking his mother to wait for him even after all others have given up. “So I wait,” says Dreyfous’ mother.

A feature-length version of this film is currently in production.

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CHANNEL: Cinelan

Length: 3:25

Film by Ross Kauffman