Unfractured Dreams

Unfractured Dreams

Life from the perspective of an inspirationally candid grad student who happens to be wheelchair-bound.

Bethany Stevens, a 26-year-old Human Sexuality graduate student, was born with a bone disease that has resulted in numerous fractures and surgeries. She has used a wheelchair since the age of fifteen. In a Golden Gate [X]Press narrated slideshow of black-and-white images, Stevens shares her experiences of living in the San Francisco area and dealing with her disability.

Viewers learn medical problems are not the worst part of having to get around in a wheelchair. Stevens says she hates being stared at. Still, she is clearly involved in a rich life, with loyal friends; a loving, supportive community; and a cause that calls her to action. Hearing her speak candidly about her environment is an inspiration, putting the challenges of one’s own life in perspective.


Photography: Michael Mullady

Producer: Katie Cox