Trinity Poire

Trinity Poire

Three life-saving open-heart surgeries to repair a birth defect have defined the life of a four-year-old girl, and plunged her family into debt. (Arizona Daily Star)

Given the choice of taking their new baby home from the hospital and essentially letting her die, or subjecting the child to years of radical surgeries, Nicholas and Desiree Poire chose the latter. Trinity was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a defect that left her with only half of a heart. As a result, at age four, Trinity had her third open heart surgery, and spent a month at the pediatric ICU at University Medical Center in Arizona. This audio slide show from the Arizona Daily Star follows Trinity and her family through the daily routines required to maintain Trinity’s health, and the little girl’s ordeal in the hospital.

For the Poires, taking care of a sick child is a lifestyle that involves the whole family. Trinity is obviously a good sport about the restrictions on her life — including limited playtime and endless therapies — but the video doesn’t varnish the harsh reality for her parents. A well-edited audio track intersperses the adults’ narration with Trinity’s sweet little voice as the story progresses through the latest 10-hour operation. Images of Trinity’s brave struggle will alternately warm your heart and break it.

CHANNEL: Arizona Daily Star

Length: 5:59

Photos, audio and production by Greg Bryan