Toxic Time Bomb

Toxic Time Bomb

An investigative report reveals that a sewage treatment center on Long Island may be on the verge of disaster. (Long Island Press)

Nassau County’s Cedar Creek Water Pollution Control Plant serves most all of Long Island’s 2.8 million residents. The enormous plant is permitted to treat up to 72 million gallons per day of sewage and wastewater from the drains and toilets of county homes.

But maintenance workers and supervisors say the plant is a catastrophe waiting to happen and already an environmental disaster. They say there are failures in every section of the facility and preventative maintenance is almost non existent, resulting in inoperable gas valves and chronic system breakdowns.

This investigative video report by the Long Island Press chronicles a series of tours and visits to the plant, interviews with watchdogs, county legislators, residents, union officials, current and former plant employees. It paints a sobering picture of disaster no one seems willing to take responsibility for.

One plant employee says they are no longer processing sewage, but just running it through and pumping it out into the ocean.

CHANNEL: Long Island Press

Length: 10:53

Video Produced by Joel Cairo
Investigative Report by Christopher Twarowski