Rwandan Genocide: Juliette's Story
Juliette Mukakabanda works at her town's genocide museum, where her husband and two sons were massacred fifteen years ago. (Time)
My Good Luck Charm
Soldiers deployed in Iraq reflect upon the personal objects that they feel keep them safe and protected. (AP)
Word Wars
In Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem, the rhyme and reason of rap artists is a unique act of resistance. (St. Petersburg Times)
Class Dismissed
In once peaceful Swat, Pakistan, the Taliban is violently closing all schools for girls. A schoolmaster and his pre-teen daughter respond. (NYT)
A courageous Palestinian refugee, injured in a bomb blast, rises above the violence in Lebanon with wit, humor and strength. He's 12. (Media that Matters)
Nazi Doctor's Egyptian Escape
The German known as Dr. Death fled to Cairo, changed his name, converted to Islam, and died in 1992. The most wanted war criminal's whereabouts was unknown until now. (NYT)
Burned in the War
A roadside bomb in Iraq left Bobby Henline's face and body disfigured by burns, and his dreams shattered. Here's how he maintains a positive outlook.
Dedicated to the Disabled
Once an Italian lawyer, Alberto Cairo now helps disabled Afghans live normally again with artificial limbs. He considers himself very lucky.
Without Warning
A soldier returned from Afghanistan tells his tale... and then we see the surprising rest of the story.
The War Briefing
Attacks on U.S. soldiers in 'the forgotten war' in Afghanistan have reached an all time high, making it a deadlier battlefield than Iraq.