Wardak Soldiers: On Foot Patrol
Watch the personal stories of American troops in Afghanistan, coping with the dangerous daily task of loosening the grip of the Taliban. (AP)
A Respite From Homelessness
Stand Down, an annual 3-day program in San Diego, offers free housing and social services to help disadvantaged veterans get back on their feet. (NYT)
Sexual Warfare in the DRC
The Congolese army and rebel groups systematically use brutal gang rape against their enemies, causing crippling injuries and spreading HIV. (Sydney Morning Herald)
Losing Keith, Keeping Faith
A chaplain who ministers to veterans mourns the loss of her son, who committed suicide in Iraq. (San Jose Mercury News)
Stalemate in Korangal Valley
American soldiers come under fire in this Taliban stronghold where the fighting has been at a bloody draw for years. (NYT)
From Baghdad to San Jose
A former Iraqi interpreter for the U.S. military and his family relocate to the safe haven of Silicon Valley, where they struggle to make ends meet. (SJMN)
An 'Honor Flight' for WWII Vets
Over 60 years later, these veterans are honored for their service with a special trip from Texas to the nation's capital. (Time)
The Deadly Job of Drug War Correspondent
Journalists put their lives at risk covering the border-town violence in Juarez, Mexico, where they find themselves on cartel hit lists. (Time)
Rape in a Lawless Land
A survivor of the genocide in Rwanda records the testimony of more than 400 women and girls abused by marauding militias. (The Guardian)
Killer Blue: Baptized by Fire
Ambitious video project takes an up-close and personal journey into the perilous lives of seven U.S. soldiers based in Mosul, Iraq. (AP)