Dustoff Afghanistan
Medevac helicopter crews risk their lives daily to save injured American and Afghan soldiers alike.
A Brother's Keeper
Philip Maggart fulfills his 67-year-long mission to find and bring home the remains of his brother Charles, lost in World War II.
America's Battalion in Afghanistan
Loaded down with 100 pounds of gear in 126-degree heat, U.S. Marines fight their way through Helmand Province. (NPR)
Operation Moshtarak
A pioneering war videojournalist goes on patrol with a small group of British soldiers in Afghanistan when they are fired upon by the elusive Taliban.
A Privileged Marriage
Elizabeth Holzer, who is Jewish, married Friedel Pschorr, a wealthy Aryan, which saved her life in Nazi Germany. Now 98, she reflects on their intense love story. (BoingBoing)
Diary of a U.S. Marine
Cpl. Jack Hausmann narrates a 3-part video of his experience in Afghanistan during a major assault that pushed U.S. soldiers behind enemy lines. (AP)
Agent Orange: A Lethal Legacy
Video series confronts the nightmarish consequences of exposure to the toxic chemical defoliant sprayed by the U.S. during the Vietnam War. (Chicago Tribune)
Travels with My Beard
A comedic British filmmaker grows facial hair and tests the effect on a fearful public in the aftermath of terrorist bombings in London. (BBC)
Condition Critical: Voices From the War in Eastern Congo
Hear the personal stories of a few battered individuals who struggle to go on after a decade-long conflict leaves millions dead or displaced in the DRC.(MediaStorm / Duckrabbit)
All My Enemies
Tensions among gangs and with Los Angeles police create a domestic battlefield in Watts, where they all agree on one thing: It's war. (VII)