The Pity of War
A 14-year-old Afghan girl is inadvertently killed by shrapnel from a U.S. mortar strike (Time)
Military Families Cope with Traumatic Brain Injury
Soldiers' wives struggle to care for their 'minimally conscious' husbands who were severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. (NJ Star-Ledger)
Nisei Graduate
Seventy years after being sent to an internment camp for Japanese-Americans, Bessie Kawachi Chin, 87, receives an honorary college degree. (SJMN)
A Year at War
The First Battalion, 87th Infantry of the 10th Mountain Division, from Fort Drum N.Y., begins a year-long deployment to Kunduz Province – accompanied by videojournalists. (NYT)
Iraq and Back
Wounded Marine Major Justin Constantine returned from Iraq and is rebuilding his life while helping other wounded veterans.
The Gun Markets of Pakistan
Craftsmen with simple hand tools manufacture weapons, from pistols to anti-aircraft firearms, for the Taliban. (VBS.TV)
Baby Feras
A Palestinian child in desperate need of heart surgery is trapped behind the Israeli blockade in Gaza. (Al Jazeera)
Ian Fisher: American Soldier
PULITZER PRIZE WINNER. A comprehensive look at a young man's two-year journey from high school graduate to Army grunt stationed in Iraq. An 8-part video series.(Denver Post)
Rape and Recovery in the Congo
PULITZER PRIZE FINALIST: Sexual violence is the weapon of choice in this war-torn African nation. Who is helping the victims? (Washington Times)
Honoring Jeramy
Since he was killed in Iraq in 2004, three children have been named after this beloved friend and family member. (San Jose Mercury News)