Dirty Car Art
Scott Wade, the "DaVinci of Dirt," creates impermanent paintings with the dust on the windows of his Mini Cooper. (KarmaTube / Texas Country Reporter)
The Blessing of the Bikes
Riders congregate at a Manhattan cathedral for their annual ritual of prayers and holy water -- and to confess their cycling sins.(NYT)
Andy Swift's life revolves around the world of firefighting. But why is he so passionate about restoring antique fire engines?
Air Car
Two inventors -- one in France, one in Australia -- design pollution-free vehicles that run on compressed air. Detroit, are you listening?
India's Fast Lane to the Future
A new superhighway linking its four major cities is bringing old and new India into jarring proximity... for better and worse.
A Sloan's Lake Minute
Take a 2.6-mile bike spin around Denver's Sloan's Lake in about a minute in this stylized accelerated video. (Rocky Mountain News)
Flying Trikes
Take to the skies in a new sport called aerotrekking with pilot Denny Reed.
Railfans at Fullerton Train Station
Die-hard railroad fanatics, known as 'foamers,' gather at stations to study, videotape and photograph trains. Here's why.
Flight School Confidential
A travel reporter puts on the uniform and takes a behind-the-scenes look at American Airlines flight attendant training.
American Daredevils: Random Acts of Recklessness
Flying motorcycles, burning cars and human fireballs thrill raucous fans at the L.A. County Fair.