Toxic Time Bomb
An investigative report reveals that a sewage treatment center on Long Island may be on the verge of disaster. (Long Island Press)
Roping the Wind
Rural Texas farmer Cliff Etheredge saw an opportunity to cash in on a crop of the future that revived his dying town: wind power.
Chat Roulette
An amusing analysis of a hot new internet fad that randomly connects strangers via webcam. (Warning: Not recommended for kids!)
Rising From the Wreckage
Pulled back from disaster, the determined U.S. auto industry enters a new age. Multimedia series looks in the rear-view mirror ... and at the rough road ahead. (Detroit Free Press)
Stanford's iPhone Orchestra
University students experiment with new ways to create music -- or at least 'sculpt sound' -- by hacking their smartphones. (NYT)
Cannon Shoots Pumpkins at 600 MPH
Two guys with a wild idea send gourds flying skyward in upstate New York. Trick or treat! (Times Herald-Record)
Mission to the Moon
A 40th anniversary six-part assessment of Apollo 11's historic accomplishments, narrated by a science reporter who covered it. (NYT)
Thirst in the Mojave
With expected changes in climate, and no change in future water usage, Las Vegas could run out of water by 2021. (Las Vegas Sun)
Growing Up Online
Just how radically is the internet changing the experience of childhood? Can adults keep up with kids?
Air Car
Two inventors -- one in France, one in Australia -- design pollution-free vehicles that run on compressed air. Detroit, are you listening?