Part of the Family
A deaf high school student learns to wrestle and teaches his teammates about communication, tolerance and understanding. (Reading Eagle)
A Fighting Chance
An 18-year-old single mother from the Lower Brule Sioux Reservation in South Dakota dreams of becoming a pro boxer.(NYT)
GoFast Games
Experience the thrills of a 1000-foot plunge with BASE jumpers at Colorado's Royal Gorge Bridge. (Rocky Mountain News)
Decades of war have deprived Afghan youth of sports and recreation. An Australian man is trying to change that by building a skateboarding school.
Her First Home Run
As Tom Hanks' character reminded his all-women's team in "A League of Their Own," there's no crying in baseball. Here's the exception.
Molly's Run
A 52-year-old woman takes on the 131-mile Badwater Ultramarathon through Death Valley in 125-degree heat -- "the world's toughest footrace." (LVRJ)
Boys in the Scrum
For members of the nation's first all-African-American high school rugby team, the sport has opened up new possibilities.
Courtney Hawkins Comes Home
Former NFL receiver and All-American college star returns to his Michigan hometown to coach and re-energize his high school football team. (Detroit Free Press)
Despite Rocky Start, He's a Fighter
Thomas Kinchen, 8, is undefeated in the boxing ring. The miracle is not that he can go six rounds, but that he lived past six months.
Kings of Arthur
In rural America, in a town of 145 people, in a high school with only 19 boys, far from the world of the NFL, six-man football rules.