World's Speediest Sport Stacker
With lightning fast hands, 11-year-old Steven Purugganan sets a new record in this quirky sport -- and shares his winning strategy. (Time)
The General and His Trainer
A thoroughbred's surprise win at the Blue Grass Stakes has him -- and his 75-year-old trainer Tom McCarthy -- headed for the Kentucky Derby. (Time)
Weslaco Bullriders
From a young age, these cowboys learn life lessons in the span of eight seconds. (Monitor)
A Free Lesson with Kobe Bryant
The L.A. Lakers superstar gives a journalist some tips for a pickup game, and demonstrates his signature moves. (Time)
Going For the Record
Wheelchair athlete Aaron Fotheringham backflips his way into the Guinness Book of World Records. (Las Vegas Sun)
Being Aron Ralston
Trapped by a boulder, a climber amputated his arm in order to escape. Six years later he still struggles with the meaning of his survival. (NYT)
Keeper of the Kohn
Touching feature-length tribute to a beloved collegiate lacrosse field manager who is mildly autistic. (Hulu)
Bowler Exceeds Expectations
Cognitively impaired Kolan McConiughey has bowled five perfect games, including last year while competing in the Special Olympics. (Detroit Free Press)
Night Skiing
With the slopes illuminated by bright lights, whooshing downhill after sunset offers different views and smaller crowds. (Olympian)
The Art of the Autograph
Fans and players alike get a thrill from the baseball-signing ritual at the Detroit Tigers 2009 spring training. (Detroit Free Press)