In Mumbai, Wrestling to Be a Cop
Young Indian men who want to boost their overall health and job prospects rigorously train in the ancient sport of Kushti. (Time)
The Great Bambino Resurfaces
The Major League Baseball video collection spans 100 years and includes 150,000 hours of footage, including newly-discovered film of Babe Ruth. Meet the archivists. (NYT)
Toughest Mountain Bike Race?
Cyclists ride 450 grueling kilometers for five days in dirt and heat through tropical East Timor. (Sydney Morning Herald)
Surviving the Death Race
Who will win the surreal 24-hour endurance marathon that's described as a cross between 'Survivor' and 'Jackass'? (NYT)
YouTube Baby
A tenacious father uses calculated online marketing strategies to push his young son into basketball fame. (ESPN)
Carry On
Two inseparable high school wrestlers, one nearly blind and one with no legs, discover the true meaning of friendship. (ESPN)
Hog Wild
Costumed contestants -- including 3 female city slickers from Chicago -- engage in the muddy sport of pig wrestling in Wisconsin. (Fourth Line Films)
A U.S. Army parachute team called the Golden Knights performs miles-high daredevil stunts. (Detroit Free Press)
Cardinal Culture
A one-day visual chronicle shows how passionately baseball fans in St. Louis are devoted to their hometown team. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
Diamond in the Rough
Tim Lewis grew up playing baseball in Compton. Now he lives in his car and leads a Little League revival in his old neighborhood. (LAT)