Cutting Through the Competition
Alvin Stamper defends his four-time tobacco-chopping title in Kentucky, cutting and spearing nearly 1,500 stalks per hour. By hand. (POYi winner)
Snowbirds Hockey: Retirees on Ice
From all walks of life, Florida retirees have more fun playing ice hockey than you can shake a shtick at. (AARP)
Ninja Woman
Extreme martial artist Mindy Kelly pits her contortionist dexterity against one of modern technology's best laser-beam security systems. (National Geographic)
Against All Odds
Continents and cultures apart, disabled athletes Emmanuel Yeboah and Jim MacLaren overcome tremendous obstacles and forge a mutually inspirational friendship. (KarmaTube)
A Chance Encounter: Two Amputees
A 71-year-old man and a 7-year-old boy forge an unexpected friendship based on their experiences of losing a limb. (St. Petersburg Times)
How They Train: Skeleton Racing
See how world champion Noelle Pikus-Pace prepares for her head-first 80 mph trip down an icy track in the 2010 Winter Olympics. (Time)
Inside the Mind of a Sudoku Master
Thomas Snyder (2007 champ) squares off against his friend and nemesis Wei Hwa Huang (2008 champ) at this year's national tournament showdown. (Time)
Jamaica: Girls on Track
Against all odds, this small island nation is producing an astonishing number of Olympic medalists. What's their secret? (PBS Frontline)
Detroit River Kayaking
Not for novices, this paddling trip combines views of wildlife and protected wilderness areas with awesome industrial architecture. (Detroit Free Press)
Boxing Against Parkinson's
Kristy Rose Follmar uses punching bags to improve patients' confidence and combat the progression of this debilitating disease. (AARP)