Plucked from obscurity by the ruling political machine, Kazuhiko Yamauchi runs for city council in Kawasaki. Welcome to democracy -- Japanese style. Peabody Award winner. (PBS)
One Last Chance for Ghost Depot
Once the world's tallest train station, the ruin of the Michigan Central Depot is now a spooky symbol of a city's decay. Should it be preserved or demolished? (Detroit Free Press)
Thirst in the Mojave
With expected changes in climate, and no change in future water usage, Las Vegas could run out of water by 2021. (Las Vegas Sun)
Photographing the President
Two photojournalists reflect upon the moments and memories of capturing Pres. George W. Bush through their lenses for eight years. (Time)
The Bottom Line
Chilling package of audio slideshows paints a grim commentary, in images and numbers, of poverty and inequity in Texas.
Hard Times
Coast-to-coast travel videoblog explores how Americans are coping with the economic downturn -- and how it may influence their vote.
Turkey's Headscarf Debate
Muslim women are fighting for the right to wear head scarves in secular Turkey.
The Fire Within
A border wildfire killed 7 illegal immigrants and critically burned 16 more. One year later, we experience the aftermath of that tragedy.
Where Children Find Hope
Six-part video series provides a rare look inside a modern-day orphanage, where foster kids grow up together while waiting to be adopted. (Detroit Free Press)
Sweet Home Obama
American reporter Edwin Okong'o travels to his home in Kenya to find out how his countrymen are rejoicing about Barack Obama. Frontline)