Leonardo, A Work of Art
Outrageous fashion is the calling card for this Los Angeles hair designer. Just don't call them costumes. (LAT)
A Concrete Love Story
Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer explains why she's sexually attracted to inanimate objects... and why she married the Berlin Wall. (Dokument 09)
Life on Hold: Coming of Age in the Recession
You're 20-something, a grownup. You've got no job. Your dreams are derailed. It's like someone hit the pause button. So what do you do now? (The Tennessean)
Mix Tape Nostalgia: Cassette From My Ex
Homemade audio tapes of favorite song collections bring back memories of lives and loves from past decades. (Time)
Nominees: Toys Battle for Hall of Fame Spot
Whimsical ode to a dozen classic playthings -- from paper airplanes to Hot Wheels -- contending for museum recognition (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)
Celebrating Maria Lionza
Thousands of religious followers make a pilgrimage to Sorte Mountain in Venezuela for a weekend of fire dances, cleansing ceremonies and healing rituals. (NYT)
Lottery Jackpot
Co-workers at the Island Grill restaurant in Michigan collectively tell how they won and spent their $12.7-million prize money. (Detroit Free Press)
When No One's Looking
An increasing number of runaway teens are using a variety of legal and illegal strategies to survive on the streets, while being targeted by pimps and drug dealers. (NYT)
Worms in the City
An ecology center teaches environmentally conscientious urban dwellers how to compost food scraps indoors using those live wriggly critters. (Time)
Motel Life
Thousands of indigent families endure roaches and rodents, and no heat or running water. But it beats living on the streets. (Denver Post)