Chat Roulette
An amusing analysis of a hot new internet fad that randomly connects strangers via webcam. (Warning: Not recommended for kids!)
Pioneer Couple
Dick and Bonnie Cain are determined to live in a 19th-century world of solitude without any modern technology. (Texas Country Reporter)
Beating Drugs and the Odds
Geisiel, 21, abandoned his dangerous life as a begging, drug-taking Rio de Janeiro street kid to build a better life for his own two kids. (VJMovement)
She's 97 and Homeless
Bessie Mae Berger, 97, and her two sons, Larry and Charlie, both in their 60s, tried to survive while living in their rusty '73 Chevy Suburban. (LAT)
Donors, Daddies, Surrogates, Lawyers
Surrogate births are a godsend to some couples, but when more than two people create a baby, legal ambiguities increase the potential for custody disputes. (NYT)
Heartwrenching stories of Appalachian women who are struggling to escape from tragic lives of poverty, domestic violence and substance abuse. (
Travels with My Beard
A comedic British filmmaker grows facial hair and tests the effect on a fearful public in the aftermath of terrorist bombings in London. (BBC)
Gangs on Tribal Lands
What can be done to curb the growth of Native American youth violence on the Oglala Sioux Reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota? (NYT)
Battle of the Blonds
Two Marilyn Monroe impersonators compete for attention on Hollywood Boulevard. (LAT)
An Alaskan Village in Crisis
Nikolski, a remote village of 30 people in the Aleutian Islands, is losing its school, jeopardizing the fate of an entire community. (NYT)