Homeless in a Boom State
North Dakota is the place to be if you want to make money -- but finding a place to live is another matter. (NYT)
Scene In
Style-conscious Washington, D.C. takes center stage in this video series about neighborhoods and hot spots in the nation's capital. (WP)
Breaking the Chains of Addiction
Reconnecting with the Torah helps heroin junkies, alcoholics, sex addicts and gamblers at a Jewish rehab center. (LAT)
A Locksmith's Tale
Lou Padilla says he doesn't need health insurance to fix things, including his own broken ankle. (NPR)
Bottoming Out
Tony McDew videotaped his own Las Vegas casino slot machine addiction with the hope of helping others, and ended up quitting gambling himself. (Las Vegas Sun)
Motel Manor: Suburban Homelessness
PULITZER PRIZE FINALIST: At a highway crossroads in Missouri, desperate families are each crammed into a single room with all of their belongings. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
Teen Mom
Shantell Thomas, 18-year-old mother of two, gets parenting help to leave her violent upbringing behind at a crucial point in her children's lives. (Chicago Tribune)
Ready, Set, Solve: A Crossword Puzzle Showdown
The documentary 'Wordplay' inspires newbies to compete against its star -- the five-time reigning champion of the annual tournament. (Time)
The Insights of Angels
Skin color is a non-issue for Abby Reinhardt, a little girl in Kentucky with an adopted sister and brother from Liberia.
Childhood Poverty in Colorado
191,725 children live below the poverty line in Colorado. Here are the stories of eight families and how they cope. (Denver Post)