In My Space
Working with a certified nurse-midwife, an Ohio couple has a positive experience with home birthing for their second child. (Soul of Athens)
Barbershop Board Games
Get a haircut or play a game of checkers at this long-standing Washington, D.C. establishment. (Roll Call)
Paying for Petting Time in Japan's Cat Cafes
An Osaka café provides feline lovers with a place to get their kitty fixes. (Time)
I'm Just Anneke
With the onset of puberty, a young girl navigates the fluid space between genders with the help of understanding parents and friends. (Media That Matters)
Tami Tushie's Toys
After unhappily struggling to balance career with homemaking, a Minnesota mom decides to host women's parties to hawk sex aids.
Blood Journey
Twenty years after providing blood samples for diabetes research, the Havasupai tribe got them back -- after charges of medical fraud and a prolonged lawsuit. (NYT)
Life in Limbo
While their post-college plans aren't working out, young adults take a hard look at their realistic employment options for the future. (Nashville Tennessean)
Customized bicycles in Oakland, California, called 'scraper bikes,' are the teenager's version of a lowrider car. (California is a Place)
All-Dwarf Theme Park: A Human Zoo?
Is this Chinese tourist attraction a welcome job opportunity or yet another humiliation for a persecuted minority? (VJ Movement)
Living Without Lights
In rural Ghana, West Africa, no electricity means nights spent mostly in the dark. (MSNBC)