The Ninth Floor
A candid, revealing, in-your-face look at the lives of drug addicts living in an elegant Manhattan building -- over a three-year period.
Weekend in New York: Brazilian Music
From the Williamsburg Bridge to Greenwich Village, discover the rhythms of Brazil in New York.
Salvia:  A Virtual Drug Craze
Legislators are paying attention to YouTube videos of people tripping on the world's most potent hallucinogenic herb.
Water Returns to the Pima
After the largest tribal water settlement in U.S. history, some Pima are encouraging a return to traditional farming and foods for better health.
Hospice Lifts Spirits at Happy Hour
If you were to walk into Laguna Honda Hospital's hospice late on a Friday afternoon, you might mistake it for your local bar at happy hour.
Bolivia's Women Wrestlers
In the wrestling rings of Bolivia, skirts fly as cholitas fight back. Hear a match and see female wrestlers strike their poses in a multimedia event.
Power of  Zenn:  Life in the Slow Lane
The number one Zenn electric car dealer is Green Motors in Berkeley. Zenn? "Zero Emission, No Noise." And only $16,000.
Adventures in Equal Parenting
Video portrait of New York couple who equally share breadwinning and parenting responsibilities.
The Marijuana State
Twelve years after California voters legalized medical marijuana, it is being exploited as a cash crop and for recreational use.
Saving Salish
A teacher hopes to keep a disappearing Native American language alive by passing it along to community members and students in Spokane.