Round Rochester
Weekly interactive 360-degree panoramas capture the sights and sounds of Election Day -- and a wide range of other subjects in Rochester, NY.
Mobile home park neighbors are forced to relocate after developers take over the property.
Empowering Women in Afghanistan
A quiet revolution is gaining pace far from the Taliban insurgency: Women are taking the wheel in leadership positions.
A Portrait of Coney Island
Absorb the sights and sounds of a famously rough-edged amusement park that is in danger of going upscale.
Chicken-Swinging for the Soul
Some Orthodox Jews seek to symbolically transfer their sins to a live chicken that is then slaughtered.
Playing Army Guy
Paintball enthusiasts say their sport is about adrenaline rushes and having fun -- and only hurts for a little while.
Railfans at Fullerton Train Station
Die-hard railroad fanatics, known as 'foamers,' gather at stations to study, videotape and photograph trains. Here's why.
The Debt Trap
A potent multimedia series about the surge in consumer debt and the lenders who made it possible, in the U.S. and around the world.
Multiracial in America
Six multiracial families from around the country discuss their challenges and triumphs in a series of personal videos.
A New Dawn
Award-winning six-chapter audio black-and-white slideshow follows a young mother's three-year struggle with drugs.