A New Dawn
Award-winning six-chapter audio black-and-white slideshow follows a young mother's three-year struggle with drugs.
Salvia:  A Virtual Drug Craze
Legislators are paying attention to YouTube videos of people tripping on the world's most potent hallucinogenic herb.
Water Returns to the Pima
After the largest tribal water settlement in U.S. history, some Pima are encouraging a return to traditional farming and foods for better health.
The Deportation of Luis Alberto Jimenez
An illegal immigrant severely injured in a car accident in Florida was treated at a community hospital, which eventually sent him back to Guatemala.
The Marijuana State
Twelve years after California voters legalized medical marijuana, it is being exploited as a cash crop and for recreational use.
Life Unbarred
After serving nearly half his life in jail for a rape he did not commit, Dwayne Dail describes his 18-year imprisonment and, thanks to new DNA evidence, recent release.
Sketchy Evidence
The lack of DNA evidence that might clear him leaves a young murderer behind bars, leaving many to wonder if he's wrongfully convicted.
Fortress America
In-depth presentation of the cat-and-mouse game played between border-patrol agents and border crossers who defeat fence-building efforts.
The Last Goodbye
In this powerful story of assisted suicide, a doctor explains his decision to travel to Switzerland to legally end his life with dignity.
Black Market
Strong beliefs in obscure Chinese medicine fuel the development of wildlife trade, the world’s third largest illegal trade behind guns and drugs.