For Their Own Good
Men sentenced to the Florida School for Boys in the 1950s and 1960s are coming forward with haunting stories of torture and abuse. (St. Petersburg Times)
Drumming for Dialogue
Through direct discussions -- and drumming -- personal disputes are amicably settled outside of court at a community conference center. (WP)
Perversion of Justice
Harsh mandatory Federal sentencing guidelines mandate that a first-time drug offender and young mother of three faces life in prison. (Media That Matters)
The Determined Divas
Eight troubled and often violent girls, struggling to better themselves through a city program, share their hopes and experiences. (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)
Booming Surrogacy Trade in India
Poor Indian women legally rent their wombs to couples who pay them the equivalent of 10 years of wages. What are the ramifications? (VJ Movement)
The Bottom Line
Chilling package of audio slideshows paints a grim commentary, in images and numbers, of poverty and inequity in Texas.
Where Children Find Hope
Six-part video series provides a rare look inside a modern-day orphanage, where foster kids grow up together while waiting to be adopted. (Detroit Free Press)
Deadly Denial
Investigative series about tens of thousands of nuclear arms workers who unsuccessfully applied for compensation for severe job-related illnesses.
Trapped: Mental Illness in America's Prisons
A frightening look at how state prisons are turning into mental health facilities, without the resources to psychiatrically care for inmates.
Johanna: Facing Forward
A look at what can happen in abusive relationships, and the medical, legal, and emotional aftermath of a teenager getting shot by her boyfriend.