Four Bullets Later
Three years after Tom Urbanski was shot and paralyzed from the waist down, he's achieved a seemingly impossible goal: to play guitar again in a band. (Las Vegas Sun)
Abandoned Animals in Colombia
A menagerie of exotic animals has found a haven at Villa Lorena, a refuge that rescues the castoff pets of the country's drug lords. (NYT)
The Fine Art of Forgiveness
To ease the anger and stress of viewing crime-scene images, a private investigator confronts death row murderers face-to-face -- with his camera -- to find their humanity.
For Haitian Children, a Crisis Escalates
Bureaucratic red tape prevents the airlift of critically injured earthquake victims to the U.S., where lifesaving medical care awaits them. (NYT)
Donors, Daddies, Surrogates, Lawyers
Surrogate births are a godsend to some couples, but when more than two people create a baby, legal ambiguities increase the potential for custody disputes. (NYT)
Danger Ahead
Virtually no laws mandate safety standards in U.S. highway work. Motorists and construction workers are dying as a result. (NYT)
Heartwrenching stories of Appalachian women who are struggling to escape from tragic lives of poverty, domestic violence and substance abuse. (
Human Trafficking in America
Five-part multimedia series investigates the exploitation of U.S. immigrants, legal and illegal, from Tijuana, Guatemala and beyond. (Kansas City Star)
Gangs on Tribal Lands
What can be done to curb the growth of Native American youth violence on the Oglala Sioux Reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota? (NYT)
All My Enemies
Tensions among gangs and with Los Angeles police create a domestic battlefield in Watts, where they all agree on one thing: It's war. (VII)