How Long Can This Go On?
A mother copes with the challenges of raising an adopted Russian boy with severe emotional problems. (Concord Monitor)
Death Perceptions
It inevitably touches all of our lives. Meet ten professionals who explain how they deal with death every day. (Columbus Dispatch)
Obesity Threatens a Generation
An obesity epidemic is putting many U.S. children at grave risk for lifelong health problems. One solution: Fat School.
Testing Grounds
The latest industry being outsourced to India is clinical drug trials. Any number of tragic things can happen on the way to your medicine cabinet.
Burned in the War
A roadside bomb in Iraq left Bobby Henline's face and body disfigured by burns, and his dreams shattered. Here's how he maintains a positive outlook.
Dedicated to the Disabled
Once an Italian lawyer, Alberto Cairo now helps disabled Afghans live normally again with artificial limbs. He considers himself very lucky.
Doctor With a Big Heart
Ingida Asfaw came to the U.S. at 16, with a dream to bring medical care to his native Ethopia. Here's how the renowned Detroit heart surgeon has succeeded.
The Determined Divas
Eight troubled and often violent girls, struggling to better themselves through a city program, share their hopes and experiences. (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)
Booming Surrogacy Trade in India
Poor Indian women legally rent their wombs to couples who pay them the equivalent of 10 years of wages. What are the ramifications? (VJ Movement)
The Bottom Line
Chilling package of audio slideshows paints a grim commentary, in images and numbers, of poverty and inequity in Texas.