Ana's Story
Born with a disfiguring case of neurofibromatosis that worsened through the years, a young woman longs for surgery that will help lead to normalcy. (LAT)
From Dusk to Dawn
The Hebrew Home's innovative program gives Alzheimer and other dementia patients a place to dance, play and socialize all night long. (NYT)
Journey Along the Border
At the intersection of the U.S. and Mexico, a travelog of two countries embroiled in ever-escalating issues of migration and drug violence. (WP)
Chain of Life
Six healthy people donate kidneys to six people they've never met before in the largest pay-it-forward exchange of its kind. (Star-Ledger)
Depression: Out of the Shadows
Millions of Americans suffer in silence from this extremely common disease. How can it be recognized ... and treated? Peabody Award winner. (PBS)
85 and Still Kicking
Dorothy Dale Kloss, of the Fabulous Palm Spring Follies, holds the Guinness record for being the world's oldest performing showgirl. (AARP)
'I Only Wanted the Pain to End'
An undocumented immigrant from Mexico uses a false ID to get medical care for cancer. Her dying wish? To return home to see her children. (Chicago Tribune)
Bowler Exceeds Expectations
Cognitively impaired Kolan McConiughey has bowled five perfect games, including last year while competing in the Special Olympics. (Detroit Free Press)
Collision of Dance and Disability
A dance company called Gimp, whose members have disabilities including amputated limbs, turns a prevailing notion of physical handicaps on its head. (NYT)
Homeless State of Mind
After decades of living in shelters and on the street, Freddie Harris now finds himself with a one-bedroom apartment, thanks to his talents as an artist. (Detroit Free Press)