Donors, Daddies, Surrogates, Lawyers
Surrogate births are a godsend to some couples, but when more than two people create a baby, legal ambiguities increase the potential for custody disputes. (NYT)
Sweet Dreams
After decades of caring for her invalid younger sister at home, Clarice 'Classie' Morant, 104, moved into her sister's death bed the next night, taking her place in needing care. (WP)
Heartwrenching stories of Appalachian women who are struggling to escape from tragic lives of poverty, domestic violence and substance abuse. (
Caring For Ella
A family embraces the short time they have with their baby born with trisomy 18, a fatal genetic disorder. (SJMN)
Forgotten Warriors
Civilian contractors injured in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan fight for benefits and treatment when they return home. (LAT)
Million Dollar Babies
Two determined couples suffer the financial and emotional consequences of using fertility treatments that result in multiple births. (NYT)
Filling the Gap
Hundreds of uninsured show up for a weekend of free dental care at the Colorado Dental Association's "Mission of Mercy." (AARP)
Leveling Appalachia
An investigation into the devastating environmental and social impacts of mountaintop-removal coal mining during the last two decades. (Yale Environment 360 / MediaStorm)
When No One's Looking
An increasing number of runaway teens are using a variety of legal and illegal strategies to survive on the streets, while being targeted by pimps and drug dealers. (NYT)
Boxing Against Parkinson's
Kristy Rose Follmar uses punching bags to improve patients' confidence and combat the progression of this debilitating disease. (AARP)