For Haitian Children, a Crisis Escalates
Bureaucratic red tape prevents the airlift of critically injured earthquake victims to the U.S., where lifesaving medical care awaits them. (NYT)
Ninja Woman
Extreme martial artist Mindy Kelly pits her contortionist dexterity against one of modern technology's best laser-beam security systems. (National Geographic)
Against All Odds
Continents and cultures apart, disabled athletes Emmanuel Yeboah and Jim MacLaren overcome tremendous obstacles and forge a mutually inspirational friendship. (KarmaTube)
Doug Smith's Recovery
A virtuoso pianist is slowly winning the rehab battle to perform once again after a truck accident left him paralyzed. (Texas Country Reporter)
Grandma Beauty Queen
The making of a 92-year-old Miss Senior Arkansas is documented by the contestant's two filmmaker grandsons. (NYT)
Saving the Man Who Saved My Life
An American writer races to aid the badly injured Port-au-Prince orphanage manager who had once helped cure him of malaria. (Time)
A Chance Encounter: Two Amputees
A 71-year-old man and a 7-year-old boy forge an unexpected friendship based on their experiences of losing a limb. (St. Petersburg Times)
Tainted Tap Water
Residents near downtown L.A. are afraid to drink their brown tap water, which contains harmful levels of dangerous chemicals. By antiquated Federal standards, it's considered safe. (NYT)
A House for Healing
Leshelle Hicks thought she was moving into Joseph's House to die. Instead, the AIDS patient learned how to live. (WP)
Agent Orange: A Lethal Legacy
Video series confronts the nightmarish consequences of exposure to the toxic chemical defoliant sprayed by the U.S. during the Vietnam War. (Chicago Tribune)