A Locksmith's Tale
Lou Padilla says he doesn't need health insurance to fix things, including his own broken ankle. (NPR)
Bottoming Out
Tony McDew videotaped his own Las Vegas casino slot machine addiction with the hope of helping others, and ended up quitting gambling himself. (Las Vegas Sun)
Autism: Breaking Down the Barriers
A couple struggles to raise their twins -- one of whom has a developmental disorder. (Roanoke Times)
Rape and Recovery in the Congo
PULITZER PRIZE FINALIST: Sexual violence is the weapon of choice in this war-torn African nation. Who is helping the victims? (Washington Times)
The Tyler Project
Pontiac Fiero enthusiasts gather from throughout the U.S. to help restore the vintage car for a terminal teenage cancer patient.
The Fine Art of Forgiveness
To ease the anger and stress of viewing crime-scene images, a private investigator confronts death row murderers face-to-face -- with his camera -- to find their humanity.
Wisdom From the Century Mark
Want the secrets of aging well? Seniors over 90 offer insight into their vitality and longevity. (U.S. News and World Report)
His Body a Prison
Former nurse Spencer Sullivan copes with life after a tragic medical error left him a quadriplegic. (LAT)
Waiting for Death
Edwin Shneidman, a 90-year-old pioneer in suicide prevention, contemplates his own demise. (LAT)
Target Cancer
Was PLX4032 a miracle cure for terminally ill melanoma patients? A 3-part series on the hopes and frustrations of clinical drug trials. (NYT)