Bluegrass musician Greg Garing once played with every Nashville superstar, but now can't afford medical treatments that could save his life.
A Debilitating Medical Mystery
California parents demand to know what environmental factors are causing the high number of birth defects in their community. (LAT)
Blood Journey
Twenty years after providing blood samples for diabetes research, the Havasupai tribe got them back -- after charges of medical fraud and a prolonged lawsuit. (NYT)
Ocean Calling
A freak accident left paddleboarder Jeff Denholm with a prosthetic arm, but that didn't stop him from competing in a 32-mile race for the sport's unofficial world championship.
Finding Their Way
Being blind is not a hindrance to computer instructor Jason Fayre. He hopes it will not be for his blind son, who was adopted from India, either. (Denver Post)
Four Bullets Later
Three years after Tom Urbanski was shot and paralyzed from the waist down, he's achieved a seemingly impossible goal: to play guitar again in a band. (Las Vegas Sun)
The Fish That Could Feed Haiti
Fish farming seems like a natural enterprise for this island nation, but it took a hard-working consultant from Ivory Coast to make it happen. (Time)
Breaking the Chains of Addiction
Reconnecting with the Torah helps heroin junkies, alcoholics, sex addicts and gamblers at a Jewish rehab center. (LAT)
Baby Feras
A Palestinian child in desperate need of heart surgery is trapped behind the Israeli blockade in Gaza. (Al Jazeera)
In Silence: Maternal Mortality in India
The tragic and unnecessary death of a woman in childbirth is a frequent occurrence in rural India. (Magnum)