Learning to Fall
A rock musican afflicted by ALS brings together a choir of ALS-affected singers to record an inspiring song.
Salvia:  A Virtual Drug Craze
Legislators are paying attention to YouTube videos of people tripping on the world's most potent hallucinogenic herb.
Water Returns to the Pima
After the largest tribal water settlement in U.S. history, some Pima are encouraging a return to traditional farming and foods for better health.
Hospice Lifts Spirits at Happy Hour
If you were to walk into Laguna Honda Hospital's hospice late on a Friday afternoon, you might mistake it for your local bar at happy hour.
The Deportation of Luis Alberto Jimenez
An illegal immigrant severely injured in a car accident in Florida was treated at a community hospital, which eventually sent him back to Guatemala.
The Marijuana State
Twelve years after California voters legalized medical marijuana, it is being exploited as a cash crop and for recreational use.
Stopping HIV at Birth
In an African country with one of the highest HIV infection rates in the world, 20,000 children live with HIV transmitted by their mothers.
Mending Broken Hearts
Multimedia package documents a heart transplant surgery, and examines issues pertaining to the worldwide epidemic of heart disease.
Frank Sandoval: A Survival Story
Award-winning in-depth video coverage of the long rehabilitation process for a soldier who suffered severe brain trauma from a bomb in Iraq.
The Women of Evangel
Young women who suffer a debilitating condition brought on by early childbirth find healing and hope at a Nigerian hospital.