Deadly Denial
Investigative series about tens of thousands of nuclear arms workers who unsuccessfully applied for compensation for severe job-related illnesses.
Trapped: Mental Illness in America's Prisons
A frightening look at how state prisons are turning into mental health facilities, without the resources to psychiatrically care for inmates.
Afghanistan's Disability Crisis
After experiencing U.S. care, a disabled Afghan refugee returns to his home country to advocate for its disabled population.
Living to the End
Cancer patient Lovelle Svart chose doctor-assisted suicide. Her last 3 months are chronicled in these 27 video diaries.
Johanna: Facing Forward
A look at what can happen in abusive relationships, and the medical, legal, and emotional aftermath of a teenager getting shot by her boyfriend.
Conjoined Twins
A young mother is confronted by the challenge of raising twin daughters who are connected at the head.
Bloodline: AIDS and Family
Intimate look at the harsh reality of the AIDS pandemic in Africa reminds us how tenuous our connection is to each other.
A New Dawn
Award-winning six-chapter audio black-and-white slideshow follows a young mother's three-year struggle with drugs.
Kiana Deane: Living with Facial Paralysis
Born with Bell's palsy, an eleven-year-old girl undergoes surgery to enable her to smile.
Marlboro Marine
After a photographer makes a soldier's face an emblem of the Iraq war, the image changes both of their lives and connects them in ways neither imagined.