The Girl in the Window
Danielle, 6, was rescued from unfathomable living conditions. Can the love and care of her adoptive family compensate for a lifetime of neglect?
The Fire Within
A border wildfire killed 7 illegal immigrants and critically burned 16 more. One year later, we experience the aftermath of that tragedy.
Intended Consequences
After 800,000 Rwandan Tutsis were massacred, thousands of surviving women contracted HIV and bore children as a result of being raped. (MediaStorm)
The Lucky Mutant
A video snapshot of quadraplegic muscular dystrophy patient Keith Hogan, who looks on the bright side of life.
Age of Uncertainty
Ambitious multi-faceted series tackles issues affecting the rapidly growing elderly population ... and who will care for them. (Roanoke Times)
The Healing Fields
For three days each year, health-care volunteers transform an Appalachian fairgrounds into a field hospital providing free medical care to thousands in need. (Wash.Post)
Hungry: Living with Prader-Willi Syndrome
A teenage boy lives with an incurable genetic disorder characterized by low IQ, behavioral issues, and insatiable hunger.
At the Edge of Life
Palliative care provides a compassionate alternative to traditional medical rituals for these dying patients and their families.
Remember Me
In an award-winning audio slideshow, a family copes with a wife and mother's terminal cancer, prepares for life without her, and deals with the impact of her death.
My Favorite Child
A father's Sixties home movies about his disabled son resurface decades later to help create a celebrated film of the grown man's life and family.