A Year of Struggle at a Food Bank
Will volunteer organizations be able to keep up with the record numbers of needy people seeking handouts? (NYT)
Eating Placenta
Just gave birth? Meet a professional chef who will prepare your discarded organ for consumption. Bon appetit! (Time)
Harvest of Hope
The dirty, dangerous, difficult work of picking grapes in California's central valley remains a life sentence of poverty. (LAT)
Dumpster Diving in Seattle
Call it a sign of the times: Gleaning edible outcasts from outdoor garbage bins is a way of life for these urban dwellers. (IAM)
South Central Farm Revisited
Once the nation's largest urban farm, L.A.'s South Central Farm is now an empty lot. Where did all the farmers go? A videojournalist plays detective.
Kogi Korean BBQ
What's stranger -- that it's served in a taco from a truck, or that you have to tune in to Twitter to find it? (LAT)
Hungry: Living with Prader-Willi Syndrome
A teenage boy lives with an incurable genetic disorder characterized by low IQ, behavioral issues, and insatiable hunger.
Chicken-Swinging for the Soul
Some Orthodox Jews seek to symbolically transfer their sins to a live chicken that is then slaughtered.
Chef Hits Home Run Every Game
One baseball veteran swings for the fences and hits a home run every night: Dodger Stadium chef Dave Pearson.
Bikes to Rwanda
A Portland coffee roaster creates an ingenious business arrangement with its Rwandan supplier. Everybody wins.