Getting Paid to Not Teach
Accused of misconduct, 160 L.A. teachers are ordered to stay at home, but they continue to receive full salaries. (LAT)
Freedom's Ride
Two diverse groups of students -- one from Harlem, NY, one from Long Valley, NJ -- retrace the Civil Rights Movement together.
Popular Science?
Maggots and putrid odors don't prevent high school students from swarming to Forensic Science classes, a surprisingly alluring elective in the CSI era. (NYT)
The Chance to Break Free
A group of successful Indo-American tech execs in Silicon Valley provide scholarships to poor students in India. (San Jose Mercury News)
For Their Own Good
Men sentenced to the Florida School for Boys in the 1950s and 1960s are coming forward with haunting stories of torture and abuse. (St. Petersburg Times)
Remade in America
Immigrant children in public schools thrive academically in separate classrooms, but what opportunities do they sacrifice in return? (NYT)
A World of Words
Forced to leave school to work when he was 6, Alferd Williams, now 70, is back in the classroom -- learning to read with first-graders. (AARP)
Master Calculus Teacher
How do Sam Calavitta's math pupils consistently ace their advanced placement exams? Watch their award-winning mentor in action. (LAT)
Stories to Learn By
Dan Conley is a grandfather figure who entertains elementary school kids by spinning tales from his own life. (Spokesman-Review)
Class Dismissed
In once peaceful Swat, Pakistan, the Taliban is violently closing all schools for girls. A schoolmaster and his pre-teen daughter respond. (NYT)