An NGO gets homeless Ethiopian children off the streets and helps give them an education. Meet three whose lives have been changed. (Bombay Flying Club)
They Might Be Giants of Science
With the release of the quirky alternative-rock duo's latest children's album, they reveal the appeal, and challenges, of entertaining kids. (Time)
Children Full of Life
Tokyo's Toshiro Kanamori teaches his fourth-grade class unconventional lessons in cooperation, compassion and sharing powerful emotions. (KarmaTube)
Stanford's iPhone Orchestra
University students experiment with new ways to create music -- or at least 'sculpt sound' -- by hacking their smartphones. (NYT)
An Alaskan Village in Crisis
Nikolski, a remote village of 30 people in the Aleutian Islands, is losing its school, jeopardizing the fate of an entire community. (NYT)
Carry On
Two inseparable high school wrestlers, one nearly blind and one with no legs, discover the true meaning of friendship. (ESPN)
The Pied Piper
A free national classical-music program helps keep Venezuelan youth away from a life of drugs and crime. (ABC Australia)
Last Chance High School
A quasi-military academy run by the National Guard gives at-risk teens a second chance at graduation. (WP)
Disabled in Vietnam
Software engineer Do Van Du, crippled as a teen while helping U.S. forces in Vietnam, returns to his homeland to train disabled high-tech students. (SJMN)
Beyond the Fence
The South Carolina Juvenile Justice System was a model of effective new programs, but budget cuts are undermining progress. (NYT)