Finding Supermodels in Rural Brazil
Scouts comb farming villages offering winsome teenage girls the opportunity to become the next Gisele Bündchen. (NYT)
Tami Tushie's Toys
After unhappily struggling to balance career with homemaking, a Minnesota mom decides to host women's parties to hawk sex aids.
Tapped Out: When Water Bills Force Foreclosure
Homeowners like Vicki Valentine are getting evicted, not because of unpaid mortgages, but because of small debts owed to local tax collectors. (Huffington Post)
Life in Limbo
While their post-college plans aren't working out, young adults take a hard look at their realistic employment options for the future. (Nashville Tennessean)
The Fish That Could Feed Haiti
Fish farming seems like a natural enterprise for this island nation, but it took a hard-working consultant from Ivory Coast to make it happen. (Time)
Homeless in a Boom State
North Dakota is the place to be if you want to make money -- but finding a place to live is another matter. (NYT)
Rising From the Wreckage
Pulled back from disaster, the determined U.S. auto industry enters a new age. Multimedia series looks in the rear-view mirror ... and at the rough road ahead. (Detroit Free Press)
Times of Crisis
The collapse of the global financial system sent shockwaves all over the planet. A year later, the question reverberates: 'What on earth happened?' (MediaStorm / Reuters)
Recession: Through Their Eyes
Part cheerleaders, part therapists, these professionals view tough economic times from the perspectives of their clients. (SJMN)
Million Dollar Babies
Two determined couples suffer the financial and emotional consequences of using fertility treatments that result in multiple births. (NYT)