Searching for the Snow Leopard
Prizewinning photographer Steve Winter roams the upper altitudes of northern India in pursuit of the notoriously camera-shy feline. (National Geographic)
Turtle Man
Ernie Brown, Jr. earned a superhero name, and even his own theme song, by diving into murky ponds and catching snappers with his bare hands. Crowds go wild!
The Farmer's Father
A blind father in Maine dedicates his life to helping his daughter convert their family home to a working farm.
What has a blonde mohawk and a tongue that permanently hangs out one side of its mouth? Meet the World's Ugliest Dog!
Round Rochester
Weekly interactive 360-degree panoramas capture the sights and sounds of Election Day -- and a wide range of other subjects in Rochester, NY.
Alexandra Morton's Salmon Fight
In northern British Columbia, a self-trained biologist is battling fish farms in hopes of saving the orca whale population.
Chicken-Swinging for the Soul
Some Orthodox Jews seek to symbolically transfer their sins to a live chicken that is then slaughtered.
Pit Bulls: Companions or Killers?
Pit bull lovers say the dogs are friendly when raised correctly, and that rogue owners ruin their reputation by raising them to fight.
The Bronx Zoo at La Cita Bar
A downtown Los Angeles bar hosts life drawing classes of models wearing gorilla masks.
Gorilla Massacre
Award-winning video unravels the mystery and explains the significance of the cold-blooded killings of nearly extinct African mountain gorillas.