The Amazing Skidboot
An astonishing dog achieves worldwide fame with his tricks and seemingly fantastic intelligence. (Texas Country Reporter)
Hog Wild
Costumed contestants -- including 3 female city slickers from Chicago -- engage in the muddy sport of pig wrestling in Wisconsin. (Fourth Line Films)
Got Geese? Call the Geesebuster!
Robert Guadagna uses a cheap and humane method to wage a territorial battle against these overabundant nuisance birds. (Time)
Driftless: Stories from Iowa
The tension of contemporary rural life plays out in these bleak snapshots of people's lives in the American Midwest. (MediaStorm)
The General and His Trainer
A thoroughbred's surprise win at the Blue Grass Stakes has him -- and his 75-year-old trainer Tom McCarthy -- headed for the Kentucky Derby. (Time)
Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr
National Geographic's reptile expert travels the world to wrestle with crocodiles and capture giant cobras, all in the name of science.
Winter's Tale
A critically damaged baby dolphin gets an artificial tail ... and bonds with children with prosthetic limbs.
Tiger Eye: Up Close and Personal
A celebrated wildlife photographer designs and uses motion-sensitive cameras to capture Bengal tigers in their natural habitat. (National Geographic)
Getting Hooked on Fish Pedicures
Sit back, relax and let the carp nibble away at your dead skin. Welcome to the latest in spa pampering.
America's Disappearing Forests
The tiny mountain pine beetle is destroying millions of acres of forests. It's the largest insect infestation in the history of North America.