The Last Horse Fishermen of Belgium
A few hardy souls in Oostduinkerke carry on this 500-year-old tradition of trawling for shrimp on horseback in the North Sea. (The Guardian)
Kangaroo Foster Parents
An Australian couple are among 800 volunteers who have turned their homes into nurseries for orphaned marsupials. (Time)
Bull Penis
In Taiwan, a famous chef prepares an exotic and taboo dinner treat. Is it really an aphrodisiac? (National Geographic)
For the Love of Dogs
Sibyl Chaffee discovers that beagles are good company for tromping through the woods on a fall hunting trip. (Eddie Adams Workshop)
Saving Sea Turtles, One Nest at a Time
Global warming and coastal development are decimating Pacific leatherback populations. In Costa Rica, former poachers are giving them a chance at survival. (NYT)
Worm Harvesting with Iron and Wood
Gary Revell makes a living coaxing earthworms out of the ground using music as bait. (St. Petersburg Times)
Mack's Fishing Camp in the Everglades
Marshall and Keith Jones run a south Florida landmark that has been in the family for four generations. (St. Petersburg Times)
The Gator Symphony
Tuba players test the theory that the musical note B-flat can send alligators into mating-season ecstasy (St. Petersburg Times)
Living Galapagos
Student-produced collection of multimedia stories explores the balance between man and nature in the Galapagos Islands. (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Worms in the City
An ecology center teaches environmentally conscientious urban dwellers how to compost food scraps indoors using those live wriggly critters. (Time)