Tina’s Rehab Story

Tina’s Rehab Story

A 20-year-old woman commits to quitting her drug addiction and winning back custody of her infant son. (The Star)

Tina started using drugs as a young girl, was raped at 14, and was turning tricks to fund her drug habit by 15. She used drugs during her pregnancy; at 19, her baby was taken away from her due to drug use and leaving him with unapproved caregivers.

Tina now desperately hopes to win back custody of her son. But she will need to prove that she can remain drug and alcohol-free and be responsible enough to care for him.

She recently completed a 24-day residential program at Hope Place Women’s Treatment Centre and is striving to make other positive changes in her life.

This profile of Tina’s struggles is one of two videos in a 7-part Toronto Star series called “Life After Rehab,” that follows several women upon leaving the treatment program.

CHANNEL: The (Toronto) Star

Length: 4:36

Photos and Video by Pawel Dwulit