Thug Life

Thug Life

Run almost entirely by ex-cons, a D.C. outreach organization works to help gang members and at-risk youth.

Tyrone Parker has been on parole for almost 40 years and had a son killed in a drive-by shooting. Parker now works with Alliance for Concerned Men, an organization that he co-founded in 1991, in an attempt to reach out to young men involved in gangs and other high-risk activities in Washington, D.C.

Most of the Alliance’s staff are ex-cons. Using their experiences on the streets they are able to get into the most dangerous neighborhoods and have even negotiated truces between some of the city’s gangs.
Independently produced by Aaron Rockett, this video follows an outreach coordinator with Alliance for Concerned Men as he meets with gang members in the neighborhood of a recent shooting. Though funding for the program has recently been cut, this outreach worker keeps meeting with the men because he says he cares about them.

The inspiration in this video comes from Parker, who seems to have great hope that these troubled young men will be the solution to avoiding future conflicts. “It is better to give these kids love, concern and something to do to entertain their spirit, than to leave them alone.”

Length: 5:42

Produced by Aaron Rockett