The Sandwich Generation

The Sandwich Generation

See the challenges faced by an estimated 20 million Americans who have to take care of aging relatives.

When an 83-year-old family member suffering from dementia moves in with the filmmakers, they become members of “The Sandwich Generation,” as they find themselves providing care to the new elderly arrival and their own children. These filmmakers and their children speak candidly in this first-person account of the ups and downs of assuming such care in their home.

Having reported other stories on aging, the journalists thought they were prepared for this part of life, but soon see no one is prepared until they have to live the experience. Is it all too much? Is it really worth it in the end? Viewers see the challenges faced by an estimated 20 million Americans who are caught between having to take care of aging parents and young children.

In this emotionally charged account of family caregiving, filmmaker Julie Winokur and her husband, photojournalist Ed Kashi, expose their personal lives with unflinching candor. Winokur and Kashi uprooted their two children and their business in order to move 3,000 miles cross-country to care for Winokur’s father, Herbie.

At 83, Herbie suffers from dementia and can no longer live alone. Winokur and Kashi are faced with difficult choices and overwhelming responsibility as they charge head on through their Sandwich years. It is a story of love, family dynamics and the immeasurable sacrifice of those who are caught in the middle.

Length: 11:20

Photography: Ed Kashi

Writer/Director: Julie Winokur

Producer: Brian Storm