The Next Wave

The Next Wave

Climate change is displacing Carteret Islanders, an indigenous culture that is losing its land to rising sea levels. (Media That Matters)

Scientists predict climate change will displace up to 250 million people in the next 50 years. The Carterets are a chain of low-lying islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific. The residents there will be one of the first indigenous cultures to lose their land to rising sea levels.

Sea water is destroying crops and contaminating fresh water wells on the islands, making them uninhabitable. This video by Media That Matters is the story of the Carteret islanders as they search for a new home.

While two previous attempts at relocation have failed, a group of islanders travel for 4 weeks and visit 15 villages looking for a compatible place to settle. For now, the islanders plan to move to mainland Bougainville, southwest of the Carterets. In this video, Island elders describe their sadness about leaving their ancestral home and the difficulties they will face in adapting to life anywhere else.

“The Next Wave” won the Jury Award, 2009 Media That Matters Film Festival. It is a short version of a longer film about the Carteret Islands and climate change.

CHANNEL: Media That Matters

Length: 8:03

Directed and Produced by Jennifer Redfearn and Tim Metzger