The Marijuana State

The Marijuana State

Twelve years after California voters legalized medical marijuana, it is being exploited as a cash crop and for recreational use.

This New York Times video takes a sober look at California‘s high tolerance for circumventing federal marijuana laws. More than a decade after legalizing the substance, Californians have taken an increasingly interpretative stance on the matter, with local municipalities actively pushing further towards decriminalization. There is probably no marijuana-friendlier place in the country than in Mendocino County, where plants can grow more than 15 feet high, medical marijuana clubs adopt stretches of highway, and the sticky, sweet aroma of cannabis fills this city’s streets during the autumn harvest. Lately, however, residents of Mendocino County, like those in other parts of California, are wondering if the state’s embrace of marijuana for medicinal purposes has gone too far.

Video/reporting: Jigar Mehta and Jesse McKinley

Length: 8:08