The Lord’s Resistance Army Hunts Children in Sudan

The Lord’s Resistance Army Hunts Children in Sudan

Young boys are kidnapped and tortured by soldiers from a brutal rebel group from Uganda. A survivor's tale. (Time)

Fifteen-year-old Moses and two other children were abducted in the night from a farm village, and subjected to gruesome atrocities by lawless members of a rebel group who are regularly seizing and enslaving boys from rural areas in southern Sudan. During his captivity, the boy is beaten, stabbed, and forced to watch pillaging and murder — eventually being made to commit a murder himself.

This Time magazine video presents Moses’ oral account of the events punctuated by his own childish line drawings — a device that allows the viewer to witness the cruelties he describes from a more intimate perspective. The stark pencil sketches, highlighted with red for blood, have a chilling effect.

Although Moses escaped his captors after four months, and we see his return to school and regular village life, his father rightly worries about the damage done to his son, and fears the group will return.


Length: 6:11

Videojournalist: Ed Robbins
Supervising producer: Craig Duff