The Little Bastard’s Going to Do It

The Little Bastard’s Going to Do It

Seasonal landscaper and house painter Andy O'Brien dips his toes into the arena of political life with an unexpected run for public office.

Andy O’Brien lives in a small town on the coast of Maine and makes his living doing seasonal work as a landscaper and house painter on an island 20 minutes from his home.

O’Brien says many people like him in the area put together a patchwork of part-time and seasonal jobs, and so he understands the struggles of working people. So when his father receives a call looking for local Democrats to run for the district’s House seat in the November election, Andy unexpectedly throws his hat in the ring.

This video profile, featured on The Digital Journalist (, was produced by David Nolan and David Grewe at the Summer 2008 Platypus Workshop, and was distinguished with the “Best Story” award. It follows O’Brien through his quiet life as a landscaper to the more public life of political campaigning, including riding on a conference bike in the local Lobster Festival Parade. His favorite part of campaigning was knocking on doors, he says, because “You’re not selling anything except yourself.”

The Platypus Workshops are intensive 9-day digital video training programs, conducted under the tutelage of decorated photojournalist Dirck Halstead, the editor and publisher of The Digital Journalist.

Length: 4:56

Produced by David Nolan and David Grewe