The Insights of Angels

The Insights of Angels

Skin color is a non-issue for Abby Reinhardt, a little girl in Kentucky with an adopted sister and brother from Liberia.

Southern towns can be cruel to interracial families, but Abby Reinhardt of Murray, Kentucky, sees her dark-skinned adopted brother and sister as gifts from God. In her eyes, her Liberian sister Joyce is “the most perfect little girl we could ever ask for.” For her part, Joyce likes to think of herself as an angel, who was sent to live with the Reinhardts, and Abby concurs.

This short video, made by Liz O. Baylen at Mountain Workshops, uses brief glimpses of bright hues — a box of crayons, a bright blue tutu, a pink rose, an orange chair — shot against dark and shadowy backgrounds, to call attention to the subject of color. By contrast, the last images of Joyce jumping on a trampoline, are shot from below, and appear black and white.

The sounds of the girls singing a clapping game, their laughter, and a bit of mountain music punctuate the audio track as the girls tell their stories. The other children and adults in the family are shown briefly to set the scene, but the video focuses on the joyful – and colorblind — relationship between the girls. Although little is revealed about the difficult process of adopting children from Africa, both girls seem content with a miraculous explanation.

This video won third place in the 67th annual Pictures of the Year International awards, in the category of Feature Story – Multimedia.


Length: 2:47

Video by Liz O. Baylen